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204 West 123rd Street  Harlem, NY 10027   

ilon & Company is an archival consulting firm and art advisory located in the heart of Harlem
 described as an agency "where art meets commerce". 

Established in 1996, ilon & Company specializes in archiving, editing and curating coupled the lastest, greatest technology including innovative FileMaker database solutions.  In 2005 our archive consultant business began offering expertise to galleries and collectors.  And in 2014 we officially expanded our boutique art advisory and opened ilon Art Gallery.


A Talk about Digital Asset Management: iArchive and iArchive database solutions

Please join me on Monday, June 24 from 6-8pm at ilon Art Gallery 204 West 123rd Street, Harlem for an introduction to iArchive and iArchive Basic. 

There is no fee to attend.  Please RSVP .


Calling all photographers and Artists.  I have a developed a iArchive Basic March 2018.  iArchive Basic is a starter version of the incredibly robust iArchive Database solution.  Its 1/4 the price and the entire cost can be put towards an upgrade to iArchive when you are ready.  iArchive Basic is an elegant, incredible easy to use, cost effecient tool to assist in archiving your work.

Archive and Digital Asset Management info sessionS

Archive and Digital Asset Management info session lead by Archivist Loni Efron at the new ilon Art Gallery Penthouse Gallery and Exhibition Space.  

 January 17, 2018 folks gathered at ilon art gallery Penthouse Space for the first Live info session of 2018.

January 17, 2018 folks gathered at ilon art gallery Penthouse Space for the first Live info session of 2018.

Archive Library, New York, NY

Ilon and Company sets up, organizes, and monetize photographic archives for photographers and artists. We archive the art, the tangible asset to the digital file.  We advise on digital work flow from camera or scan to final destination. We provide software solutions for all pre- and post-production needs including custom Filemaker solutions that we create.  These are long term solutions that allow for everyday commerce. Not only is the work safely stored, but easily accessed to create additional sources of revenue.  The archives are where art meets commerce. 

Art Advisory

Art and Commerce is an important part of our firm.

Besides archive services, we provide we ways for artists and photographers to express and ultimately distribute their work, or maybe the entire archive.  

We create websites, slideshows, kiosks exhibitions, art fairs, zines along with the obvious books, gallery and museum exhibitions and hopefully full Artists retrospectives.

A message from Loni Efron, founder of ilon and Company:

I have worked extensively with artists for over two decades organizing, archiving, developing database creations, workflow solutions and best archival practices. I also work with artists' families and foundations to inventory, report and also monetize these collections.

I realized the need to archive, not only keep artists' collections safe, but to be able to monetize what has been created.  You need to be able to do all the admin and marketing tasks too. The best part, you are building your legacy and YOU are writing the script.  All this without any extra work (or additional staffing bills later on). Also, lets face it, our memory is better today than it will be tomorrow.

A large part of archiving is to have a Digital Archives.  So within this world of fine art archiving, I have created a database solution called iArchive to assist artists and photographers to do all the things I have briefly addressed above.

I expanded iArchive and developed the iDatabase family with four additional solutions: iGallery, iCollect, iManage and iInventory.  These solutions, as their names suggests, targets galleries, collectors, agents, producers, prop houses, closets, equipment house and holders' of large inventories.  These are base solutions to reduce the tremendous cost to custom software development. 

All iDatabase* solutions liked to be can be further customized to meet each individual needs.  We like the workflow to match the database and the database to match the workflow. 

Please join me quarterly for Free Archive info sessions hosted by ilon Art Gallery Penthouse gallery.

*The iDatabase suite is designed in FileMaker.  Filemaker is owned by Apple. Computer.  I am certified Filemaker developer and member of the Filemaker Business Alliance.

Loni Efron

Click here for more on archiving solutions and management.


Some Past Archives

Shelf Holding Books, Computer and More, New York, NY

Ilon and Company has been creating innovative FileMaker Solutions since 1993 using FileMaker 2.  Our goal is to create simple solutions to solve complex problems.  We streamline workflow bottlenecks and make your business run efficiently. Each solution is as unique as each client.  Our Filemaker designers are certified by Filemaker and members of FileMaker Business Alliance.

Our most popular solutions has been for Photographic archives, creating solutions that not only organize and archive the work but monetize the archive.  Aiding the photographer we began working with agents and producers and gallerists.  With our extensive knowledge of inventories we help create efficiency and order for wardrobe closets and prop houses.

We have been in a very small niche for 20 years working with the industries best.  With all of this expertise under our belt, we are very excited to announce we have five iDatabase starter solutions at affordable price points for photographers, artists, gallerists, collections, agents and producers:

iArchive- built for photographers, artists and collectors to archive, organize and monetize their archives /collections.

iArchive Basic- built for photographers, artists and collectors to archive, organize and monetize their archives /collections.  Bare bones.

iGallery- built for galleries to archive, organize and monetize their inventory and artists

iCollection- built for collectors and collections, to organize and monetize their collections

iInventory- built for prop houses, closets and anyone who holds a large inventory

iManage- built for photographer agents and producers to manage photographers and artists