iDatabase:  iGallery

iGallery is a database solution for a gallerists and art advisors to archive, organize and monetize their inventories / collections.  iGallery creates your digital archive.  We have been working with photographers and gallerists for over 20 years, creating custom solutions for the industry masters (see clients) and now we have a solution for Galleries / Advisors. At anytime iGallery can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Not only does iGallery archive and monetize your collections, but will assist in all your daily administrative activities too.  As you are performing these activities you will be creating the collections’ historical data.   iGallery manages your artworks, your consignments, your loans, your selections, your invoices and your digital assets.  iGallery has a powerful contact management solution too.  You can record actions, groups and send out unlimited emails.  Information can be imported or exported out of any of iGallery databases and fields.  All fields are searchable and sortable.

iCollection is a secure solution.  It can be remotely accessed anywhere in the world by anyone given permission.  Permissions can vary between users.  iCollection can be viewed on your mobile devices.


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