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Our Filemaker designers are certified by FileMaker and members of FileMaker Business Alliance.

ilon and Company has chosen FileMaker Pro for all of our in-house database solution designs. FileMaker has proven itself to be the perfect combination of a powerful set of tools, along with a quick development cycle, great graphic design capabilities and finally ease of use for end user.

Ilon and Company has been creating custom FileMaker solutions since 1993 (that was FileMaker 2).  Our mission has always been to create simple solutions to solve every day tasks.  We streamline workflow and make your business run efficiently and effectively. Each solution is as unique as each client. We don’t try to redesign your business for you to use your database we work the other way around.  We ask the necessary questions that enable us to design a system that fits neatly into how you work.  We design your database to be powerful under the hood, but with a simple and unique interface.

ilon and Company modifies existing solutions too.  We take our 20+ years of experience and can up-grade your old solution to accommodate today's situation.  If your tasks are too repetitive or "unsmooth" we can fix that!

This is how we create create solutions or modify existing ones.  We start by asking the right questions, then choose the right tools, and develop a system closely with you, creating a clean interface.  We believe that we can offer the best service that you can provide for your business.

Our most popular solutions have been for Photographic archives, but we have worked with managers and producers, galleries, prop houses and wardrobes almost as much.  We create solutions that not only organize and archive the work, but monetize the archive, collection or inventory, too.   Our solutions are your digital archive.  We work with agents, producers and gallerists to create effeciency perfect record keeping not to mention extensive image uses.  With our knowledge of inventories we help create order and administration for wardrobe closets and prop houses. We have been in a very small niche for over 20 years, working with the industries best. 

We are very excited to announce we have created four starter solutions at very affordable price points for photographers, artists, collectors, gallerists, agents and producers:

iDatabase Family:

iArchive- built for photographers and artists to archive, organize and monetize their archives.

iGallery- built for galleries to archive, organize and monetize their inventory and artists.

iCollection- built for collectors and collections to archive, organize and monetize their collections.

iInventory- built for prop houses, closets and anyone who holds a large inventory.

iManage- built for photographer agents and producers to manage artists, photographers, illustrators, hair, makeup, stylists, manicurists, art directors, creative directors.

Please call call or email for more details on our starter solutions.  All starter solutions can be customized to further suit individual needs.

Initial consultation available at no cost.  Call us at 917-270-4696.  Click here to email us.


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We know technology will help make your art & commerce a success.