Ilon and Company has been working with the industries top photographers for over twenty years.  We provide long term solutions that allow for every day commerce.   As important as it is to access the materials in the archive, it is also essential for proper archive storage of the collection.  We couple all systems with the most current technological solutions available on the market today.

We assist in both the design and construction of archives to the organization and retrieval of the materials.  We guide you how to store all tangible assets such as negatives, chromes, polaroids, prints, moving images and all other items in collections in acid-free, archive quality materials that will last as long as possible.

To retrieve and access the collection, we provide digital asset management solutions.  We create a digital workflow solution based on each photographers' and artists' working style.  We either build our solutions to match your workflow or we can aid in the workflow as well by using our solutions.

We have created hundreds of custom FileMaker solutions as a tool to access the archives.  Keeping budgets in mind, more recently we have created "out of the box" solutions that keep costs down.  These solutions are part of the iDatabase family and include iArchive, iGallery, iCollection, iManage, iInventory.  Please see iDatabase menu for more information or click here.  Our solutions are ready to install but can also be customized to perfectly suit your needs.

Whether you choose our custom software designs, our iDatabase solutions or other Digital Asset Management solutions, we will train and assist in efficient and effective data entry. As we say "garbage in, garbage out".  We wont let that happen because you are as good as your data entry! We have efficient and effective search and retrieval capabilities so files and assets can be easily located and retrieved

Hardware and software purchase, installations and training are part of our archive consulting.  We know the challenge of deciding and setting up technological solutions and we are there for the entire process.  We have trained Apple and Windows consultants and can assist in all current and future technological needs whether it be long term storage or a new server or workstation.  We have partnered with the industries greats such as Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Adobe, Extensis Portfolio and Intuit.

At ilon and Company we are passionate about what we do because we’re passionate about what you do; you are the guardians of history, and we are dedicated to supporting the important work you perform. Our company was built by listening to our customers’ needs and finding innovative solutions to their challenges. That spirit continues to inspire us today, and we are committed to growing our partnership with you.



The archives are where art meets commerce.


Annie Leibovitz in front of Demi Moore at my first Gallery Show at James Daniziger Gallery, Soho, 1996.

Annie Leibovitz in front of Demi Moore at my first Gallery Show at James Daniziger Gallery, Soho, 1996.


One who organizes, preserves, and provides access to information and materials in archives.

Services include:

Archival Solutions
Archive Construction
Archive Design
Archive Organization
Digital Asset Management
Digital Workflow
Data Entry
Data Research
FileMaker Database Designs
File Management
Hardware Configuration
Hardware Setup
Image Editing
Software Designs
Software Implementation
Technological Solutions


Alfred Wertheimer
Annie Leibovitz
David LaChapelle
Gilles Peress
Joel Meyerowitz
Keith Richards
Kelly Klein
Mark Seliger
Michel Comte
Peter Arnell
Robert Mapplethorpe
Richard Gere
Steven Klein
Todd Eberle

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FOunded in 1996